Luke Anear

Luke Anear

As SafetyCulture's Chief executive officer, Luke is responsible for the day to day management of SafetyCulture. He works closely with the software engineering teams and drives the innovation behind the SafetyCulture products.

Luke was a workers compensation investigator and practice manager for Lee Kelly & Associates in Sydney until 2002. Luke also worked as a lead investigator for the Music Industry Piracy Investigation Unit (MIPI) and was involved in complex investigations with the Australian Government Solicitor's Office.

After witnessing the cost of workplace accidents to thousands of victims, their families and their employers, Luke began developing a system for managing safety in the workplace and in 2004 that concept became a reality.

Luke has presented keynotes and presentations to conferences and companies across the world.

Today, Luke is focused on empowering workers with resources and information to work safer, and remove the cost burdens associated with workplace safety.

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Our Philosophy

The Collaborative

For too long workplace safety has been duplicated from company to company and from process to process.
We are focused on making safety accessible and affordable for every worker. We recognise the advantages that come from a collaborative environment where workers can learn from each other. By offering cloud sharing technologies with machine learning capabilities that can understand workers requirements, we can focus on providing the most effective workplace safety solutions to workers.

Time is Money

Efficiency is key to workplace safety. Finding smarter and faster ways to work safer is one of our benchmarks. We ask, does this save time and improve safety, throughout our development processes. If safety comes at the cost of productivity, then it won't thrive.

People Do Care About Safety

We believe that although workers often appear to be unwilling to embrace safety initiatives, we believe that they really do care about their safety and want to go home at the end of the day. However, workers and employers often don't understand the risks associated with their work. Part of our philosophy is to provide real data to inform workers and employers of the true risks and what can be done about it.