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The App that's revolutionising workplace auditing just got better... Way better! Fully customisable workplace audits for every industry and application are now in your hands, where you need them most.

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The best app I have ever downloaded. This app saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done, no more sitting at the computer writing out reports.

- Donald Kempf

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I was sent into the field at the last minute and I needed the ability to track over 75 auditable items. I downloaded this app at 10:30 at night and was finished inputting everything within one hour. It worked absolutely flawlessly in the field without an internet connection. This app alone is going to transform how I do business out in the field using my iPad. Highly recommended and you can't beat the price.

- Dan Ashe

Our time for writing reports has gone from 5 days to 5 minutes.

- Darren Hunter

Customisable Audit Forms

You can create custom audits from scratch, reuse existing audits, and even generate and edit audits on desktop computers with a spreadsheet and simply import them into iAuditor. And if that isn't enough, you can also share audit forms within the app, across similar industries via the SafetyCulture Cloud.

Editing templates
Easy to use

Quick and easy

Yes, the entire audit process is at your fingertips ... but iAuditor can also use GPS locating for fast worksite set-up, required signatures are taken on the spot, and the entire audit can then be exported as a PDF and emailed in a beautifully formatted report. No more report writing once you're back in the office.

SafetyCloud™ Integration

iAuditor now has it's own cloud based management solution. Edit templates and share them with groups and individuals in your company, all in your Private and Secure desktop environment. Any connected devices are automatically backed up and synced with SafetyCloud. Click here to learn more.

SafetyCloud Integration
iAuditor Cloud

Shared Template Library

A vehicle inspection for one company, is not that different to a vehicle inspection for another. And the same is true of most tasks we perform in the workplace. iAuditor's cloud sharing ability means that we no longer need to reinvent the wheel. With over 36,000 Inspection templates being shared in the public cloud workers all over the world are helping each other work smarter and safer. Of course, your sensitive information is protected and sharing of templates is optional.

Rich reports that paint the picture

Take photos when conducting your audits and iAuditor will format them seamlessly into your final report. But it now works both ways. You can import files into iAuditor for use in your forms. For example, would it be useful to have a PDF instruction manual or relevant legislation at your fingertips?

Create great reports

More Features

  • Scoring - Ability to score categories and individual responses.
  • Weighting - Ability to place greater importance on certain categories or questions for high priority.
  • Branching & Sub-categories - Ability to add unlimited sub-categories to an item.
  • Dynamic Smart Fields - Ability to create actions to have question sets appear based on the responses being provided.
  • Up to five customised default options - Ability to customises the standard Yes/No/NA responses.
  • Template Locking - Templates can be locked with a password and not edited.
  • Custom Document numbering for each device

Image Annotation

Take a photo of whatever it is you are auditing, then easily add arrows, diagrams, drawings or even handwriting to clearly spell out your findings.

Image Annotation

Who else is iAuditing?

With over 6.5 MILLION audits completed since version one launched in February 2012, iAuditor is now in the hands of workers all over the world. Here's a few organisations using iAuditor that you may have heard of:

Who else is iAuditing?
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