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iJSA - Available on the App Store

Quickly and safely perform risk assessments on iPhone or iPad

iJSA App

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) App

  • iPhone/iPad Compatible
  • Simple Safety Management
  • Replaces Paper JSA's
  • Add Photos to Risk Assessments
  • Assign Responsibility & Completion Date
  • Easily Export to PDF & Print
  • Streamlines the Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Free for iPad & iPhone

iJSA - Available on the App Store

iJSA App Screenshots

View all job sites on a Google map PDF export to easily email Manage multiple work sites View site specific details Create & Edit JSA details Risk-Specific Details


With functionality across both iPhone & iPad, you're sure to have an easy-to-use JSA at your fingertips, no matter where you are.


The iJSA iPhone/iPad app harnesses the power of devices to revolutionise the task of completing a Job Safety Analysis Template (JSA).

Find OH&S Confusing?

Enjoy the simple interface that helps you identify the likelihood and consequence associated with a risk, with helpful descriptions along the way that take the confusion out of risk assessments in your JSA Template.

Take Photos of Risks

An incredible level of detail is possible with iJSA, allowing you to take photos while on site to include in the Risk Assessments of your Job Safety Analysis Template (JSA).

GPS Tagging

Using Google maps and GPS technology, quickly and easily tag your current site address, and view all your open job sites on a google map overlay.

Save Time

Add workers to site-specific tasks, and quickly copy them to new sites and new JSA's without needing to re-enter details. Assign responsibility and review the progress toward reducing risks.

Simple & Easy

Easily sign-off risks on your device's screen, and export your completed Job Safety Analysis Template as a PDF for email and printing.


Have a question about iJSA? Head over to the iJSA Support page for answers to commonly asked questions.

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