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Manage workplace safety culture

of SafetyCulture clients

said that they found managing the culture of safety the most difficult thing to do when it came to managing workplace safety.

Having helped 30,000 businesses throughout Australia with their OH&S compliance, we address your issues below with some handy tips and links.


At its core, safety needs to be considered, developed and accepted as part of the values and norms of any organisation.

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Continuous improvement

In establishing a visible commitment to safety at all levels, safety should become a part of everyone's daily operations

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Training and information for everyone

Providing adequate information and training to ensure that all staff are adequately equipped so that they can easily identify, assess and manage risks.

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Prevention and control systems

This step involves having the appropriate OHS policies and procedures and Safe Work Method Statements.

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Treated as an Investment

“Every $1 invested in workplace safety results in $3 or more in savings. Safety is an investment, not a cost.” —Insurance industry study

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Develop a blame free environment

By establishing a blame free environment staff will feel more comfortable with reporting any safety concerns.

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Celebrate Triumphs

In changing the workplace culture it is important to celebrate successes as it provides a sense of progress towards establishing a safer working environment.

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