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Hot Work WMS - NZ

Hot Work WMS - NZ

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Hot Work WMS - NZ Video
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  • Identify hot works hazards and effectively assess suitable control measures with this ready-to-use SWM
  • Suitable for New Zealand businesses
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  • Save time with our pre-filled SWM template
  • MS Word format for easy customisation/editing

Stay safe during hot works activities, clearly outline hot works safety requirements including risk control measures, safe work instructions and PPE in this customisable Safe Work Method (SWM) document. The Hot Work SWM provides:

  • a framework for training workers 
    • help workers understand necessary requirements needed to safely complete hot works 
  • a way to document identified hazards and describe control measures
  • a signed record of workers trained

Safety Notes: This SWM covers Hot Works being undertaken either indoors or outdoors. "Hot works" means riveting, welding, flame cutting or other fire or spark-producing operation. This SWM does not cover Hot Works being undertaken in Confined Spaces or on bulk tanks/vessels/drums that contain/ed flammable materials or other hazardous chemicals.

Note: Hot Work can generate fumes, mists, dust, vapours and gases, including ozone. The amounts and types of fumes produced vary greatly depending on the process involved and the materials being used such as metals, solvents, flux, paint and plastics. Many gaseous fumes and vapours are invisible. Health effects of exposure to fumes, dust, vapour and gases can vary. Effects can include irritation of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat), tightness in the chest, asphyxiation, asthma, wheezing, metal fume fever, lung damage, bronchitis, cancer, pneumonia or emphysema.

Electric arc welding produces strong electric and magnetic fields close to the power source, around the current-carrying cables and near transmission lines. Electromagnetic fields can disrupt the operation of pacemakers, permanent defibrillators or other medical devices, which could cause the heart to stop or slow down. Intense ultraviolet radiation emitted by arcs may travel significant distances from arcs, especially in reflective environments and may give rise to significant quantities of ozone. Environmental risks may include fire damage to vegetation and animals; pollution of water and water catchments by accidental release of hazardous materials and pollution of the atmosphere by production of hazardous chemicals such as Ozone chemicals. 

Document Format

This Safe Work Method (SWM) is provided in Microsoft Word, meaning you can fully customise the document to suit the needs of your business. Simply add your company details and include any site specific details or risks ensuring it is specific to the task at hand. It is then ready for printing.  

The Hot Works SWM includes: 

  • Management Commitment & Approval
  • PPE
  • Safety Notes
  • Job Steps
    • Planning
    • Preparation
    • Pre-Start Inspection 
    • Operation 
    • Maintenance
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Review
  • Employee sign off section 

We recommend you use this Safe Work Method template in conjunction with the SafetyCulture JSA Pack

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