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OHSE Site Management Plan (Principal) 20012-6

OHSE Site Management Plan (Principal) 20012-6

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OHSE Site Management Plan (Principal) 20012-6 Video

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  • For Principal Contractors controlling minor construction works (less than $250k in contract value)
  • Provides a framework to manage the implementation of work health and safety for Principal Contractors on construction sites
  • Designed to assist you meeting legislative conformance
  • Fully customisable document in MS Word Format
  • Suitable for use in all Australian States and Territories 
OHSE Site Management Plan - Principal
This Principal Contractors OHSE Site Management Plan is suitable for Principal Contractors controlling a site with minor construction works (less than $250,000). Assists in the management of  Subcontractors on construction sites. This plan outlines effective Site Management, particularly in relation to arrangements for OHS planning, inspections and most importantly, risk management.
Key Features:
  • Incident Management
  • Emergency Management
  • High Risk Construction Work
  • Environmental Policy with waste management stream

Written to align with key elements from:

  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
Table of Contents IntroductionReview ProcedureManagement Commitment and ApprovalDocument ControlAmendment RecordDistribution RecordReferencesStandards and GuidelinesTerminologyAbbreviations and AcronymsDefinitions

1. Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

2. Project Details

  • 2.1 Site Plan
  • 2.2 Functional Site Organisation Structure and Responsibilities

3. Representation and Participation

4. Hazard Identification and Risk Management

  • 4.1 Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS
  • 4.2 Contractor Management

5. Emergency and Incident Management

  • 5.1 Emergency Management
  • 5.2 Firefighting Equipment and Procedure
  • 5.3 Incident Management
  • 5.4 Notifiable Incidents
  • 5.5 First Aid

6.Information, Training and Instruction

  • 6.1 Site Safety Rules
  • 6.1.2 Daily Sign-in Register
  • 6.1.3 Supervision
  • 6.1.4 Licensing/Permits
  • 6.1.5 PPE and Sun Protection
  • 6.1.6 Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • 6.1.7 Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  • 6.1.8 Electrical Safety
  • 6.1.9 Worker Responsibilities
  • 6.1.10 House-keeping
  • 6.1.11 Drugs and Alcohol
  • 6.1.12 Workplace Amenities
  • 6.1.13 Hazardous Substances
  • 6.1.14 Mobile Phones
  • 6.1.15 Smoking
  • 6.1.16 Public Safety
  • 6.1.17 Security
  • 6.1.18 Plant and Equipment
  • 6.1.19 Purchasing and Delivery

7.Environmental Management

  • 7.1 Hazardous Substances
  • 7.2 Noise and Vibration
  • 7.3 Air Quality
  • 7.4 Terrestrial Fauna
  • 7.5 Native Vegetation and Weeds
  • 7.6 Cultural Heritage
  • 7.7 Erosion and Sediment
  • 7.8 Waste
  • 7.9 Acid Sulphate Materials (ASM)

8. Monitoring

9. OHS Entry Permits

10. Regulatory Authorities

11. Return to Work (RTW)

Appendix A: Safety Meeting/Toolbox Talk Record

Appendix B: Risk Register

Appendix C: Risk Assessment Form

Appendix D: JSA

Appendix E: Hazard Report Form

Appendix F: Worksite Inspection Checklist (Daily)

Appendix G: Worksite Inspection Checklist (Weekly)

Appendix H: Worksite Inspection Checklist (Monthly)

Appendix I: SWMS Template

Appendix J: SWMS Register

Appendix K: SWMS Checklist

Appendix L: Contractor Spot Inspection Form

Appendix M: Non-conformance Report

Appendix N: Worker Training, Competency and Induction Register

Appendix O: Site Induction Checklist

Appendix P: Environmental Site Assessment Checklist

Appendix Q: Incident Report Form

Appendix R: Incident/Near Miss/Hazard Report Register

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  1. Qaulity plan

    Posted by on

    Simple to follow, editable plan for anyone who is first time filling out a contractor approval of this scale. There are a few things that need to be changed depending on type of work the contract is for, but besides that a very well set out plan.



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