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Quality Management Plan (QMP) FAQ's

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1. What is the difference between SafetyCulture's 'Quality Management System (QMS)' and the 'Quality Management Plan'?

The Quality Management System is a collection of policies, processes, and procedures aligned with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016. This overall system will help businesses set out their internal rules that cover all aspects of service delivery from management planning and leadership, document control, planning, operational control and evaluation through to final delivery of a product or service.

The Quality Management Plan (sometimes also referred to as a Project Quality Management Plan) is a project-specific quality plan that describes and records the activities, standards, tools and processes necessary to achieve quality in the delivery of a specific project that a business may undertake.

For example, a construction or manufacturing company may use the more comprehensive QMS to manage quality assurance across their company as a whole, including office administration. They might then use Individual QMP’s to manage specific building or manufacturing projects that are on the go at any point in time.

2. Can I use the Quality Management Plan (QMP) as a standalone product without purchasing the Quality Management System (QMS)?

Yes, the QMP can be used as a standalone plan or in support of an existing system. We understand you may already have your own system in place already, perhaps a principal contractor has requested one from you as a subcontractor or, you simply wish to be more carefully manage quality inputs and outputs for a specific project.

Of course, having an overarching quality management system in place ensures you maintain high quality control of your business as a whole. If you do not have a QMS already in place you can check out the benefits of our Quality Management System (QMS) here.

3. What are the benefits of a Quality Management Plan (QMP)?

The plan will greatly assist with performance enhancement by defining the project in detail including project boundaries, scope and deliverables. The QMP assists with:

  • Project scheduling and major milestones
  • Project Identification of the project management team and the project stakeholders
  • Performance reporting
  • Communication methods
  • Processes for implementing changes to project scope, schedule cost, quality and risk.
  • Criteria of project objectives
  • Monitoring and control of project activities

4. Will I be able to use the Quality Management Plan (QMP) in my state?

Yes, the QMP can be used anywhere in Australia and New Zealand regardless of the type and nature of your enterprise.

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