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Transmission Jack SOP 60019-2

Transmission Jack SOP 60019-2

Product SKU: 60019
Transmission Jack SOP 60019-2 Video
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Delivered via Email
  • Provides a step-by-step safe work process of operating a Transmission Jack 
  • Customisation instructions included
  • Can assist in ensuring workers are adequately trained
  • Provided in Microsoft Word for easy customisation/editing
  • Includes a Risk Assessment Form

The Transmission Jack  Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

The Transmission Jack  Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines step-by-step instruction on operating a transmission jack. Keep a printed copy of this SOP next to your transmission jack so that it can be easily accessed by operators. 

The Transmission Jack  Safe Operating Procedure SOP Content:

  • Management Commitment and Approval
  • PPE
  • Hazards & Risks
  • Precautions
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Operation Sequence
  • Maintenance / Cleaning

Transmission Jack Safe Operating Procedure Extract Only


  1. Ensure:
    • All preliminary checks are carefully carried out before use of jack
    • The vehicle is raised and stabilised at the correct height before attempting to move the jack under the vehicle
    • Non slip shoes are worn maintaining correct balance and footing
    • Do not wear loose clothing that could be entangled in the moving parts
    • Long hair is properly secured and remove jewellery
  2. Choose a level, firm surface for the workspace
    • DO NOT use on any soft surface as jack may sink or topple causing serious personal or fatal injury and property damage
  3. Position the jack beneath the load:
    • Ensure the gearbox weight and size does not exceed the capacity of the jack
    • Place load so it is positioned level and centrally on jack saddle
    • Ensure the load is fixed in place before attempting to lift, lower, or transport

Ready to Use

Save time with our pre-filled, fully customisable templates. Simply add your company details and read the document to ensure all elements are relevant to your business, conduct a risk assessment using the Risk Assessment Form provided and make amendments as required. It is then ready for use as a training tool and as a point of discussion at OHS/WHS/Tool Box Talk meetings.

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