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Pump - Flex Drive SOP

Pump - Flex Drive SOP

Product SKU: 50709P
Pump - Flex Drive SOP Video
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Instant Download via email
  • Provides a step-by-step safe work process of using a Flex Drive Pump
  • Communicates the preferred way to safely use a Flex Drive Pump
  • Can assist in ensuring workers are adequately trained
  • Provided in Microsoft Word for easy customisation/editing
  • Includes a Risk Assessment Form

Enhance your existing workplace safety systems with Safe Operating Procedures.

The Flex Drive Pump Use Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) or Safe Work Procedures (SWP) provides a way for your business to outline step-by-step safe processes for using a Flex Drive Pump. SOPs are ideal in:

  • ensuring workes recognise and manage associated hazards and risks involved
  • providing a training document for workers both prior to and during the use of Flex Drive Pump.

SOP Content:

  • Management Commitment and Approval
  • PPE
  • Hazards & Risks
  • Precautions
  • Pre-Operation Inspection
  • Operation Sequence
  • Maintenance/Cleaning
  • Includes a Risk Assessment Form


Product Extract (sample only)

  1. Handle and position - may require two people of appropriate strength, along with correct lifting techniques:
    1. All members of team-lift are matched in size, skills, capabilities
    2. Number of persons proportionate to weight of load and level of difficulty
    3. Lifts are planned and rehearsed
    4. Person allocated to plan and be in charge of lift – all others to know their roles
    5. Sufficient space to maneuver
    6. Use aids where possible (lifting bars, handles etc.)
  2. Start the motor using the recoil starter:
    1. Increase the speed to full throttle and allow the motor to warm up
  3. Stop the motor
  4. Engage the flexshaft:
    1. Turn the bell housing trigger 180°
    2. Insert the flexshaft coupling completely into the drive unit housing and release the trigger
    3. Ensure the drive dogs are fully engaged and the trigger is in the horizontal position


Ready to Use

Save time with our pre-filled, fully customisable templates. Simply add your company details and read the document to ensure all elements are relevant to your business, conduct a risk assessment using the Risk Assessment Form provided and make amendments as required. It is then ready for use as a training tool and as a point of discussion at OHS/WHS/Tool Box Talk meetings.

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