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Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS 10010-5

Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS 10010-5

Product SKU: 10010
Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS 10010-5 Video

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  • SWMS suitable for NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, NT & ACT only
  • SWMS includes Asbestos Removal Control Plan
  • Fully customisable so you can add your logo and any site specific details
  • Customising instructions provided
  • You must have Microsoft Word or iAuditor to use this template

Asbestos – Licensed Removal Safe Work Method Statement

This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a comprehensive document outlining the safety steps, general hazards and controls associated working with and removal of friable or non-friable asbestos greater than 10 m2 in area (licence required).

Ready to Use

Save time with our pre-filled, fully customisable templates. Simply add your company details and include any site specific details or risks ensuring it is specific to the task at hand. It is then ready for printing and inclusion in your overall WHS System.  

Asbestos – Licensed Removal SWMS Content: 

  • High Risk Construction Work
    • Mobile Plant   
    • Asbestos
  • Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • PPE
  • Job Steps (includes potential hazards and control measures)
    • Planning & Preparation
    • Training and Capabilities
    • Assess onsite conditions
    • Prepare the work area
    • Enter contaminated area/removal site
    • Asbestos removal
    • Exit contaminated area/removal
    • On Completion
  • Asbestos Removal Control Plan
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Legislative References
  • Employee sign off section
  • Review & Monitoring  


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For works carried out on a regular basis a generic SWMS may be prepared and used for those work activities.

Remember: The content of the SWMS should be refined over time and include consultation with workers and other persons conducting a business or undertaking. Prior to each new activity, the SWMS must be reviewed and revised to ensure it applies to the high risk construction work and the actual site you are working at.

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