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Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS 10010-5

Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS 10010-5

Product SKU: 10010
Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS 10010-5 Video

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Asbestos (Licensed Removal) Safe Work Method Statement Scope:

Suitable for NSW, QLD, Tas, NT & ACT ONLY.

This SWMS provides guidance on working with and removal of friable or non-friable asbestos greater than 10m2 in area (licence required).

  • ŸNon-friable asbestos means material containing asbestos that is not friable asbestos, including material containing asbestos fibres reinforced with a bonding compound. Common examples: cement sheeting, ceiling tiles, vinyl tiles. 

  •  Friable asbestos means material that is in a powder form or that can be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to a powder by hand pressure when dry, and contains asbestos. Examples include: pipe lagging, limpet and fire door cores. (Codes of Practice: Safe Work Australia (2011): How to safely remove asbestos.)

Job Steps Covered in Asbestos (Licensed Removal) SWMS:

(includes potential hazards and control measures)

  1. Planning & Preparation
  2. Training and Capabilities
  3. Assess onsite conditions
  4. Prepare the work area set
  5. Enter contaminated area/removal site
  6. Asbestos removal
  7. Exit contaminated area/removal site
  8. Asbestos Removal Control Plan
  9. On Completion
  10. Record Keeping/ Health Monitoring


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Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that's resistant to chemicals and heat, and very tough. It was also added to the building materials of many older homes. As a worker or homeowner, the hazard exists when undertaking a renovation or demolition. The danger is releasing asbestos fibres into the air. When a worker breathes, asbestos fibres enter the mouth and nose and flow down the air passages deep into the lungs. The fibres lodge in the delicate lung tissue where oxygen is absorbed into the blood. Immune system cells try and break down the asbestos fibres and become damaged and die. Scar tissue forms around the dead cells and spread as more fibres imbed in the lungs. Asbestos fibres can remain in the lungs for long periods and the scar tissue that results continues to develop for many years after exposure. Eventually, so much scar tissue develops that the lungs stop working.
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