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Power Pole Installation SWMS

Power Pole Installation SWMS

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Power Pole Installation SWMS Video
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  • Provides a framework for training workers
  • Addresses generic risks and hazards
  • MS Word format allows you to make changes to the document
  • Can be used as part of tender applications, WHS inductions, and Toolbox talks
  • Assists with compliance requirements for WHS inspections

The Power Pole Installation Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a comprehensive document outlining the safety steps associated with power pole installation in the presence of overhead power lines and in close proximity to roads with public vehicular traffic.

Equipment includes Truck Mounted Crane with a mounted pendulum borer.

Main hazards:

-       Hit by moving vehicle/train

-       Crushing from plant roll-over

-       Falls

-       Electrocution from overhead power-lines or contact with live electrical rail components

-       Exposure to hazardous atmosphere from contact with underground utilities

This SWMS includes:

  • PPE
  • Safety Notes
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Operation
  • Choc/backfill
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Review
  • References
    • Position pendulum crane borer
    • Release Auger
    • Position auger on ground to commence boring
    • Shake spoil from auger
    • Stow auger
    • Sling pole/lifting pole
    • Lower pole into hole
    • Turning pole/plumb pole

This SWMS is ready to use and is not a blank template. Simply add your company details, ABN, and include any site specific details or risks and make it specific to the task at hand. It is then ready for printing and to be incorporated as part of your overall WHS System.

Product Details:

  • Review Date: 14 March 2014
  • Written by ex WHS inspectors
  • Referenced
  • Risk ratings before and after control measures
  • MS Word format NOT PDF
  • Task specific and site specific details easy to add
  • Includes easy to complete boxes for Company details and project details
  • Employee sign off section

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  • Manual Handling – Hazardous Manual Tasks
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  • Conducting Earthworks near Power Lines & Roadways

Product extract:

Bystanders are clear of arm radius when swinging around.

Bucket is kept low when loaded, until dumping area or trailer/ vehicle/ truck is reached.

Pendulum Borer. Ensure:

-       Locking pins are correctly located

-       Pins are locked in place.

-       Suitable SWL – do not overload

-       Attachment is compatible

-       Attachment does not impede view of operator

Note: If attachment is another brand – seek advice from manufacturer to ensure the different attachment does not affect the centre of balance.

Ensure barricades in place to prevent pedestrian access to work area.

Do not allow pole butt to drag on edges.

Pole to be held in middle of hole until it has reached the bottom.

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