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Stone Cutting - Water Saw - Quarry SWMS

Stone Cutting - Water Saw - Quarry SWMS

Product SKU: 10344
Stone Cutting - Water Saw - Quarry SWMS Video

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  • Complies with current legislation in all States and Territories
  • Instant Download delivered via email
  • MS Word format for easy customisation/editing
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  • Assists with compliance requirements for WHS inspections
  • Review Date: 27 March 2015

The Stone cutting - water saw - quarry safe work method statement (SWMS) that covers general hazards associated with works being conducted in a quarry (closed to the general public and used by a single PCBU) and the safe operation of water saws to cut sandstone. This SWMS is to be used in conjunction with manufacturer’s operational manuals specific to items of plant and also in conjunction with SWMS that cover specific work tasks being carried out in a quarry, such as loading and unloading materials, emergency procedures in a quarry, operating a forklift or operating a crane

This SWMS includes: 

  • PPE
  • Safety Notes
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Noise
  • Transport
  • Connecting Hydraulic Rock Saw Attachment
  • Pre-start inspection
  • Operation
  • Re-fuelling
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Review
  • References
  • Employee sign off section
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Risk Assessment Matrix

Ready to Use

Save time with our pre-filled, fully customisable templates. Simply add your company details, ABN, and include any site specific details or risks ensuring it is specific to the task at hand. It is then ready for printing and inclusion in your overall WHS System.

Product details:

  • Written by ex WHS inspectors
  • Easy customisation with MS Word format (NOT PDF)
  • Risk ratings before and after control measures
  • Provides a framework for training workers
  • Can be used as part of tender applications, WHS inductions, and Toolbox talks

Product Sample (extract only)

WARNING: Do not enter quarry area without clearance from site supervisor. Report to office upon arrival.

WARNING: Blasting and/or use of explosives may be underway in quarry

DO NOT ENTER quarry when explosives are in use. Follow safety directions provided by site supervisor and spotters at all times. Obey all warning signs.

  • Hazardous Manual Handling:
  • Avoid long periods of repetitive movements
  • Avoid awkward and sustained positions
  • Use mechanical lifting aids when required
  • Avoid prolonged standing at water saws, especially if work involves awkward postures Regular breaks.

WARNING: Never leave a water saw unattended when it is operating.


  • All site personnel are well clear of water saws when they are in use
  • No person should position themselves where they could be hit by flying debris or ejected saw blade pieces
  • Vehicles and mobile plant must not enter the work area when saws are in use.

Cutting sandstone:

  • Wear PPE at all times
  • Ensure correct direction of feed (into blade/cutter against the rotation of the blade)
  • Do not over-reach
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, maintain firm stance Keep body parts clear of blade
  • Do not use force to push the cutting blade If blade jams, stop machine.
  • Ensure blade comes to a complete stop and following Lock out/Tag out procedures before attempting to remove blockage
  • Operate the saw at a safe speed for size and thickness of sandstone being cut
  • Don’t change cutting direction once the cut has been started, as this could place excess pressure on the blade and cause the blade to break Use two hands at all times to operate the saw when cutting If machine begins to vibrate unexpectedly, or blade appears to be weakened – stop work If water supply to saw stops - stop work.
  • Check water reticulation system.
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